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Food Safety Words And Their Definitions (pdf download)


Click on the first four images for definitions and the next four for Food Safety Words…Match the Words with the Definitions.  (Print out and cut into rectangles)

When you think you have the right answers, click on the next picture for the answers.


Yat rock  Usk Tree  usk road bridge  Two Viaducts

Usk Bridge Tenby Tenby side beach Tenby post

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Tenby lightboat house

And Now Lets Start The Lectures:

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Tenby Island


Click On The Next Image For Physical And Chemical Hazards And Controls. (pdf download)

Try to think of as many hazards associated with the particular source and what controls you would put in place to ensure the hazards are controlled.


Tenby cannon


The next image will give suggested answers.


Tenby Beach


Click On Lecture 4:



Click On The Following Image To Try Some Case Studies: (pdf download)


Tenby bandstand


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Taff sign


Click On The Image Below To Reveal The Top Ten Reasons For The Increase In Food Poisoning.

But What Controls Can You Put In Place To Prevent Them Happening? (pdf download)


Swansea anchor


For Answers Click The Image Below:


Surreal Anchor


Some More Lectures:




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Download The Food Handlers HACCP Chart And Complete: (pdf download)

For Food Handlers, what are the sources of hazards, what controls can we put in place, how do we monitor the situation and what corrective action should we take if things go wrong?


Portland seass


Answers Below:


Portland Monument


Some More Lectures:




Try The Quiz Below:


Portland Bill


Have A Go At The Waste Management HACCP Chart: (pdf download)




Answers Below:




Lecture 10 Next:



Have A Go At The Cleaning HACCP Chart: (pdf download)




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Mumbles lighthouse


Lecture 11:



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brown rat face


And Now Try The Pest Control HACCP Chart: (pdf download)




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Training group


But I Didn’t Promise That There Might Be More Questions!

So Here Goes…Sorry!

There are 12 more images, each image links to questions about a particular food safety subject.  After each question image there will be the answer image.  Good Luck…. (pdf downloads)


mumbles flag                     lock 2

Lock 1                                      Llangorse Rock

   Hay models                 Cornwall cottage

Caswell Bay                         Castle Coch

castel coch yellow sky                                         canal boat

 Brecon Sheep                                                LLangorse boat





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The exam consists of 30 multiple choice questions and 4 long answer questions.  You must score 60% in each set of questions to pass.

Attempt the multiple choice questions first and then the long answer questions.

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